The Cultural Heritage Institutions Privacy Alliance – also referred to as CHI Privacy Alliance or CHIPA – is an informal association of individuals with an interest in privacy and data protection working in UK cultural organisations including libraries, museums, galleries and archives.

Our aim is to promote awareness of issues related to citizen privacy and data protection in cultural heritage institutions as well as advocate for the role of professionals in the sector.

We will do this by sharing knowledge, experience and best practice – within CHIPA and the cultural and heritage sector – as well as by advocating to public bodies and policy makers.

We will share relevant articles and other content via our Twitter account; host information and materials on our website; provide a space for discussion, questions and answers via our mailing list; and lobby for the sector by writing opinions and responses to consultations.

Anyone with an interest in citizen privacy and/or in data protection in the cultural heritage sector can join us. Our focus is on the UK, although colleagues based in other countries are welcome.

We aim to meet in person three times a year, primarily in London.


Content on privacyalliance.co.uk, the @UKCHIPA Twitter account, and our other publications and documents is provided for information only and is not provided as advice or guidance. Content is provided purely for the personal interest of the user.